Simple and easy tips to adopt the Zero waste lifestyle for beginners!

Zero waste lifestyle_ plastic free kitchen



If you’re reading this article, you’re interested in adopting the zero waste lifestyle. As a beginner, the most important thing is to remember why you decided to embark on this journey. Whether it be going 100% plastic-free, getting a sustainable fully eco-home by the end of the year, or shopping with zero-waste. The transition might seem overwhelming at first, and that’s why we are here to reassure you that you can make it happen without breaking a sweat.

Zero waste lifestyle_ plastic free kitchen





Before we get into this, bear in mind that the “why” behind your transition towards a green lifestyle is very crucial. The reason behind your decision to adopt the zero waste lifestyle will be the main source of motivation to keep you on track.

reusable straw



We can all agree that our planet is suffering from the insane amount of waste that is being thrown away on a daily basis. There is a huge disconnect between what we consume, and where it goes after we dispose of it. Single-use plastic items are one of the first things you can cut down on to adopt the zero waste lifestyle. Let’s take plastic straws for example. Instead of using a new one every time, consider maybe switching to bamboo reusable eco-friendly utensils. Next time you are out for dinner in a restaurant, consider not asking for a straw for your drink.

zero waste shopping reusable shopping bag


Speaking of going out, I believe it is safe to say that we all love shopping. Saying no to impulse purchases and staying away from buying things we don’t necessarily need will help with reducing the amount of trash Shunning disposables is all about favouring reusable products over single-use items. Every time we go to the grocery shop, we walk out with an average of 4 to 5 plastic bags. That number might not seem like much at first sight, but the numbers stack up in the long run. Reusable shopping bags are a big game-changer. These eco-friendly shopping bags will not only help you keep your produce & bread fresh but also free from all the harmful toxic chemicals that are found in plastic bags.






Repurposing worn-out items are one of the things you can also do to cut down on your waste. Using old worn-out shirts and turning them into eco-friendly napkins to replace your throwable ones is also a great tip towards embracing your new zero-waste lifestyle.

zero waste lifestyle


Remember that adopting this new lifestyle is a process and that it might take a little time to fully adopt it. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the zero-waste lifestyle community! You are awesome for deciding to make a change that will impact your life and our planet positively.

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